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FREEPHONE 24-hour National Helpline: 0800 027 1234

Case studies

What the women we’ve helped say about Edinburgh Women’s Aid

“If it wasn’t for Women’s Aid I wouldn’t be here today. They’re helpful. They’re always there at the end of the phone. If you need to go anywhere, they’re always there to help. Child workers are ace. They take the kids for a few hours to give you a break. If women like us never had Women’s Aid, I don’t know what we would do. There’s nothing you could say or do to thank them. They do an amazing job.”

“If Women’s Aid wasn’t available, my son and I would still be in a violent environment. Women’s Aid has saved us and helped me to provide a better life for us both and helped us feel safe!”

“What can I say about Women’s Aid? I knew about them but I didn’t feel I fitted into the category for help from them because I wasn’t physically abused. I went to my doctor and she suggested I contact Women’s Aid. I was put in touch with my support worker and she let me see my abuse was mental. Now with her help I’m working through things. Keep up the good work.”

“In my hour of need and desperation, it was Women’s Aid who rescued me. Having been sent to them by the Sojourner Project, Women’s Aid workers became the family I needed here in a foreign country. The intense emotional and mental stress I was experiencing left me very depressed, sad and constantly tearful. I almost wanted to end it all, but the invaluable help and support I got from Women’s Aid gave me hope again. May you grow from strength to strength to help other women in need.”

‘Women’s Aid has offered me a safe place to live. A place to start rebuilding my life again to realise that being in an abusive relationship wasn’t my fault. E.W.A. is an essential place for women fleeing from violence. Without it, problems would be passed on to the children in a never ending cycle of abuse. Without E.W.A. many, many women and children would suffer in silence and fear for their lives.”