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What are my options

Please don’t suffer in silence. You can:

  • Contact Edinburgh Women’s Aid for practical support
  • Report your abuser to the police
  • Take legal action

Reporting your partner to the police

To report your partner for a domestic abuse incident in an emergency, call 999. The police should make your case a priority. Otherwise, phone your local police station (look in the phone book under P).

All police forces in Scotland employ officers who are trained to deal with domestic abuse cases. When you phone your local police station, ask to be put through to a domestic abuse officer.

When they visit you they will:

  • Check to see if you’re injured or need treatment.
  • Try to gather evidence. In Scotland it must be from two sources – usually your statement plus witness information from anyone who saw or heard the incident, such as a neighbour. If you do have any injuries, they may take photos.
  • The police will separately interview you and your partner (if they’re at the scene). If an older child was there at the time, the police might want to speak to them.
  • They will look for any other evidence of damage, such as broken door locks, punched walls or doors.
  • They will also take a note of any children who are present or will be present in the future. The police may refer the incident to the Children’s Reporter or your Health Visitor so that you they can work with you to protect your children.

What happens to your partner?

If the police have enough evidence that your partner has assaulted you, they may arrest him and keep him in custody until he appears in court – usually the next working day.

Help and support

To get help, contact us or Victim Support. If a case goes to court you’ll be contacted by VIA (Victim Information and Advice) who will give you all the information you need about the court process.