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Domestic Abuse

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is persistent and controlling behaviour by a partner or ex-partner which causes physical, sexual and/or emotional harm. It often gets worse over time. It is very common. In most cases, it is experienced by women and children and is perpetrated by men.

  • Domestic abuse is not an isolated incident.
  • It isn’t a fight or an argument.
  • There may be no bruises.
  • It is a pattern of dominating and isolating someone through fear and threats or undermining their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • It can happen if you live with your partner, or if you don’t.
  • It can be perpetrated by a partner or an ex-partner.
  • It can happen if you have children, and if you don’t.
  • It cuts across class, ethnic and social boundaries.
  • It often involves serious and sustained physical and sexual abuse which can cause injuries and lead to long-term health problems.
  • It can take the form of withholding money and finances, monitoring women and children’s movements, restricting what they wear, who they see, where they go and what they say, on and offline.
  • It can be threatening to or distributing intimate images.
  • It can be manipulating or forcing someone to do something sexual that they don’t want to.
  • It can involve stalking and isolating women from their friends and family.
  • It can involve physical violence.
  • Women (and their children) are sometimes killed by a partner or ex-partner.


To access any of our services call 0131 315 8110 or email duty@edinwomensaid.co.uk. If you wish to refer a client to us please also contact us using these details.

No woman or child should be subjected to domestic abuse. If it is happening to you, please remember, it’s not your fault and we can help. Follow this link for more details of our Drop in and Phone Support Service







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@EdinWomensAid: So important that we discuss coercive control for all ages and in all types of relationships. https://t.co/Wl5jCtHpuk
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@SWRC_: We're building an app that will help women keep a record of incidents of sexual harassment and want to make sure it works for survivors! If you've experienced sexual harassment and you are willing to test our app, send us an email: 📩 nicola@scottishwomensrightscentre.org.uk https://t.co/31vhqs0IMt
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So important that we discuss coercive control for all ages and in all types of relationships. https://t.co/Wl5jCtHpuk
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@fifimorrison: A great research post working with a brilliant team on the permanently progressing project @StirSocialWork #ecr #socialwork https://t.co/ehwNyq5q63
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@SEAresource: Here we take a look at opening a bank account independent of the abuser. This can be one of the most important steps towards regaining control of your finances when you are experiencing #EconomicAbuse. https://t.co/GHNTN1e6r4 https://t.co/d3QKaCCtYj
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